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MPL Innovations Product Testing

MPL’s line of lubrication products has been tested through a wide range of evaluations.  Below is brief description of tests completed to date and a summary of the results:  

Amsler Twin Disk Testing
Amsler Twin Disk Testing


Testing was conducted at both Wear and Friction Resources and at the National Research Council of Canada for the NatureBlend formulation.  The Amsler testing device enables the lubrication testing to simulate the actual forces experienced during wheel/rail interface and enables the ability to create a slip condition between the two metal surfaces.

Testing proved the materials ability to transfer from one rolling steel surface to a second surface, providing lubrication and significantly reducing wear over a prolonged period of cycles.

Transportation Technology Center

MPL conducted testing of the NatureBlend SolidStick formulation using two locomotives and 30 loaded hopper cars.  The locomotives were equipped with watt meters to measure electrical energy consumption and sensors were added to the coupler of the rear locomotive to measure the mechanical energy required to pull the cars.

The test data below illustrates the benefits provided by the NatureBlend flange lubrication.  The chart presents the measurements from these devices during testing. 

Additional Testing

MPL has complete test reports for all SolidStick, NatureBlend, TopStick and SpillX products. A few of these test reports for the NatureBlend formulation and the TopStick system are available below for download. Contact us to discuss the proven results of the broad range products or to discuss the development of new testing and evaluation opportunities.

October 2012 TTCI NatureBlend Test Report
October 2012 TTCI TopStick Test Report
November 2014 TTCI NatureBlend Test Report
NatureBlend Testing Analysis Report
NatureBlend Fuel Saving Projection Model



Transportation Technology Center
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