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Wheel Flange Lubrication

The NatureBlend formulation was developed in an effort to provide a more environmentally friendly form of polymer lubricants.  This patent pending formulation uses both renewable and biodegradable polymers and oils to provide the rail industry with an alternative to traditional hydrocarbon based lubricants.  The product is available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit most flange lubrication applicators.

The formulation was developed in conjunction with Kansas State University and has been tested at a wide range of test facilities including National Research Council of Canada and the Transportation Technology Center at Pueblo, Colorado.  Test results prove the formulation's ability to effectively transfer onto steel surfaces and provide friction reduction for a prolonged period of time.  Testing at TTCI documented the formulation's ability to reduce energy required through friction reduction.  This was measured through both electrical and mechanical force reduction.

MPL was the first to bring solid polymer lubricants to the rail industry for flange lubrication and has continued to innovate with the development of its NatureBlend formulation.  The benefits associated with flange lubrication have been widely studied and include the following:

  • Saves fuel by reducing wheel/rail friction
  • Significantly reduces flange wear
  • Reduces frequency of wheel truing
  • Increases wheel life
  • Increases rail life
  • Reduces reliance on trackside lubricators
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