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MPL Technology, Inc.
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The Leader in Solid Polymer Lubricant Products for the Rail Industry

MPL Innovations, Inc. was founded in 1991 to develop and commercialize a line of solid polymer lubricants known as “SolidStick(TM)” for wheel flange lubrition in the rail industry.  This lubrication system is designed to reduce wheel wear and energy consumption through reducing wheel flange and rail friction.  In addition to rail applications, MPL’s solid polymer lubricants have numerous additional applications to minimize friction on steel contact surfaces.

Since that time, MPL has worked closely with its customers and a wide range of public and private research entities to develop a variety of new products and solutions.  Innovation through research and engineering is the key to creating new solutions for the railroad industry.

What are Solid Polymer Lubricants?
What are Solid Polymer Lubricants?

Solid polymer lubricants are specially formulated materials designed to provide lubrication to steel on steel surfaces.  The material is comprised of various extreme pressure additives and other lubricants bound in a polymer matrix. This solid material enables the lubricant to be applied directly to the point of contact in a clean and highly efficient manner and deposit a thin film of lubricant.

These materials were originally developed to provide lubrication to locomotive wheels; however offer benefit for a wide range of other applications where thin film lubrication is needed.  The solid polymer lubricants transfer to any metal surface they contact and the transfer rate of lubrication can be controlled depending of the rate of application required.


MPL has continued to innovate with its extreme pressure lubricant formulations and has recently developed and launched its NatureBlend line of solid polymer lubricants for wheel flange lubrication. This material is an environmentally friendly formulation produced using both renewable and biodegradable polymers and lubricants.

MPL Supports ...
MPL Supports ...

MPL is a proud member of GoRail, Rail Supply Institute, AREMA, and the Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers as well as several other rail associations focused on supporting and expanding the rail industry.

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